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Invention Help Overview

the entire step-by-step process on ONE page

Sell Inventions
manufacture vs licensing

Patent Licensing
what it is, how it works

How to Get a Patent
Step-by-Step Video Course

Patent Royalties
how to get a good
& fair deal

Invention Royalties
negotiate a good contract

Invention Submission Corporations
can you trust them?

New Invention Ideas
can you sell them?

Using a
Non Disclosure Agreement
pros, cons, free templates







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Invention Help Overview - Step-by-step Guide on ONE page

Although you can obtain free invention help from many sources, they mostly focus on just part of the inventing process.  So here’s the whole picture in summary: From idea to sale ... on ONE page!

Sell Inventions - what’s the right way for YOU?

There are two completely different ways to sell inventions.  Which one is right for YOU?

Patent licensing strategy ... for maximum profit

For most inventors, patent licensing is by far the best way to generate serious money from their inventions.  But how do you do it? Who should you approach? And should you try to get just one exclusive licensee or many?

How To Get a Patent

How to get a patent is one of the most important processes inventors need to understand.  Without a doubt, the best way to get a US provisional patent on a budget, is by using this Step-by-Step Video Course.

Patent Royalties - how to get a good & fair deal

Patent royalties - fees paid to inventors by licensees ... are the most crucial element of any patent licensing deal.  This free invention help article signposts the importance of learning all about your invention market ... so you can negotiate from strength.

Negotiating Invention Royalties Agreements - key points!

Although the invention royalty rate is the heart of any patent licensing agreement, this free invention help article examines what ELSE you must include for a robust agreement that works for YOU.

New Invention Ideas - can you sell them?

So you have a great new invention idea, but is this the same as actually having a new invention?  This free invention help article explains the situation, and signposts what you have to do to turn your new invention idea into a possible $multi-million pay day!

Invention Submission Corporations - can you trust them?

Some companies advertise that they can do-it-all-for-you: That they can turn your new invention idea into a $million pay day - but can you really TRUST them? We look at what these companies are, how they operate, and how to spot the MANY scams!

Non Disclosure Agreements (and free templates)

How can you protect your invention before applying for a patent?
This free invention help article considers the pros and cons of Non Disclosure Agreements, looks at the two main types, and gives two simple one page Templates for you to use.

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