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... my professional background

Over 30 years in the entrepreneurship / technology space, including:

personal background

Firstly, I am NOT an inventor.  I wish I were, but I just don’t have that special whatever-it-is thingie.

One thing however that I am extremely good at is marketing - and when you read my story this might surprise you ... as it did me when I found out!

I grew up in London (UK), and as a child right up to my late twenties / early thirties I had a chronic stammer.  And I mean chronic!

Charmaine ... thank you!

I’ll never forget the first time I asked a girl out ... I was 15 at the time, and it must have taken me a good 10 minutes just to get the few brief words out!  To this day, I suspect the only reason she said “yes” was out of sympathy for me.  So Charmaine, wherever you are ... thank you, and I hope you are well and happy :)

I chose Philosophy and Psychology as my undergraduate subjects, but then due to my chronic stammer I had to find a mainly non-verbal career - so I embarked on a career in computing, initially working as a programmer (late 70’s).

Gradually, my speech improved, and soon I was able to develop a thriving software consultancy business, working in both the UK, Europe and the USA (where I lived for 7 years).

Annual million dollar royalties for my first invention client

After returning home to the UK, a chance meeting afforded me the opportunity to capitalise on my keen and growing interest in business: I was offered the chance to market a pending patent - and the rest, as they say ... is history.

And my stammer?  Yep, I still have it - though vastly improved now.  Is it an impediment to successful invention marketing?
Now here’s the interesting thing: It’s probably an

The no salesman ... invention marketing salesman!

You see, even if I wanted to, I simply can’t come over as a slick, smooth salesman - so I don’t try.  When I call potential new invention licensees on behalf of my inventor clients, I simply tell it like it is - albeit skilfully, having most carefully researched the market inside-out before my approach.

It is quite possible too, that my British accent helps when approaching global licensees ...

Next Chapter

So, this is my bio so far.  I hope it has given you at least a sense, a flavour of who I am.  Of course, the professional skills bio at the top of the page is important too, but I hope this more personal one adds some depth.

And the next chapter? Well, hopefully that will include helping YOU generate
very substantial revenue from your new invention!


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