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What they are

Invention submission corporations are companies that claim to turn new invention ideas into hot-selling products that create multi-million dollar pay days for their inventors.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with this.  Heck ... it sounds GREAT.  Who could argue with an invention promotion company that takes your new invention idea and honestly and skilfully generates REAL wealth from it.  Hey ... where do I sign??

So what’s the problem with these “We-Do-It-All-For-You” type invention submission companies then?

The problem is the way they operate, the false claims they make, the lack of real and verifiable results, the unfulfilled promises ... and above all perhaps - the seductive fraudulent way they cleverly get their hands on your hard-earned money WITHOUT making you a penny in return.

Mainly (but not exclusively) a North American phenomenon, these kinds of invention submission corporations tend to advertise extensively - online, on TV, on Radio and in Print.

And once they have elicited your response, they use slick sales-driven techniques designed to capture the hopes and dreams of inventors,
without being honest and transparent about your ongoing costs and their own lack of real proven results.

So how big a problem is it?  Well, invention submission corporations (sometimes called invention promotion firms) have such a
bad reputation, that in 1999 the USA enacted the “American Inventors Protection Act” into legislation to try to stamp out these unethical practices.  Regrettably though -

So what should you look our for? How can you spot these invention submission promotion scam companies?

How they work ... what to look out for

Unethical invention submission corporations / invention promotion companies tend to use a series of clever “hooks” to get you well ... hooked!

Again, there are two key points: Firstly they tend not to be transparent and
up front about the ongoing costs you will incur.  And secondly, their slick marketing material ignores the core reality of their appalling success rate - which approaches 0.00%.

Although it will vary company to company, an invention submission corporation will tend to operate using variations of the following pattern:

1. in response to your enquiry, you get a slick brochure or a call from a highly trained sales-person (possibly on commission) reinforcing the wonderful financial opportunity their invention submission firm can give you - but explaining that you need to pay them to do an initial “invention evaluation” (they might even offer this free)


2. this evaluation is always positive (regardless of the true merits of your invention), and then leads to a further request for money to create a market research report to better quantify and qualify what they claim is your fantastic financial opportunity
3. the report, which is often nicely bound, is then likely to contain a host of generic data and graphs that are too general, fuzzy and unfocused to be of serious PRACTICAL value, but ...
4. the report (or cover letter) will further claim that your invention idea is both patentable AND a potential fortune generator ... BUT you have to act quickly before someone else beats you to it
5. This pattern continues ... you are now asked for money to pay for a patent search report

6. This pattern continues ... you are asked for money for the patent application, then a product design, then a prototype, then for marketing and licensing.  You end up paying them many, many, many thousands of dollars, BUT ...

Once they have bled you as much as they can, you will most likely never hear from them again!  And even if you do, this kind of submission invention company has a success rate approaching 0.00%.

In conclusion then ... there are probably no magic one-stop-shop,
we-do-it-all-for-you companies, that take your new invention idea and develop it into a million dollar payday for you - while you sit back and do nothing except pay them.
Please consider yourself duly warned!

However, if you are still tempted by this kind of “
we-patent-and-prototype-and-design-and-market-and-license-it-all-for-you” type of invention submission corporation, do be sure to check-out these invention scam warning signs, as published by the US Patent Office.

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Invention Submission Corporations

What they are
How they work
Can you
trust them?

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