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New Invention Marketing

How to Market, License, and Sell
- New Inventions -

New Invention Marketing - or how to market, license and sell new inventions - is probably the most under-focused part of the entire inventing process. Yet, it is absolutely critical to get it right.


In fact, developing your invention without having an invention marketing strategy is like setting out on a journey without knowing how you are going to get there - you’ll be travelling (inventing) blind.


I cannot stress this enough: Even if you have developed a great new invention and filed strong protecting patents - if you don’t know how to CORRECTLY market and sell it, you will seriously jeopardise the time, money and effort you spent developing it in the first place.


Successful Invention Marketing

In a nutshell then, this site shows you the ins and outs of successful invention marketing - what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and what not to do - so you get the best chance of successfully licensing or selling your new invention for .... Maximum Profit.


Whether you do it yourself or use my invention marketing services, this site is designed to inform, instruct and educate, using:






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Although there is a lot of free information on this site, inventors will have different invention marketing issues and challenges specific to their particular invention.  To address this issue, I offer TWO separate paid-for services:

My Invention Marketing Services


100% money back satisfaction guaranteed personal coaching to get your particular invention into the market and into profit!  


For a small number of selected inventions, I offer a mainly payment-on-success invention marketing service: If your invention qualifies, I do the marketing for you!


Whether your invention is suitable for this Program or
, it is deliberately laid out to inform and educate, so
do be sure to read it.  By understanding more precisely
what I do and how I do it, you will deepen your understanding of the
invention marketing process.


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