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Case 1  
Darwin Technology International Ltd brought their new invention to market-ready status while my invention marketing was taking place on their behalf.

They were thus able to secure ANNUAL multi-million dollar royalties from within the target licensees I introduced their invention to much sooner than had they waited until after invention completion.

In fact, by using my Patent Licensing Program they were able to:

  1. avoid the otherwise extra delay from invention completion to revenue generation which so often places critical strain on cash-flow and survival

  2. better hone the development of their invention to be consistent with the future trends and drivers that their potential licensees were able to feedback to them during the development and prototyping stage

  3. more easily raise funding to sustain early stage growth.  This would have been MUCH harder without demonstrable evidence of serious pre-sales customer interest and engagement

Case 2
Co-operwrite (myText) Ltd faced unforeseen technical challenges with their invention development, and their new invention did not fully evolve into a license-ready state.

Yes, subsequent to me introducing their invention-under-development to major potential licensees, they did receive an
acquisition approach by Microsoft ... but due to changing market conditions (specifically the dot com crash) this did not go through.

There is a KEY and most important reason for the lack of Co-operwrite’s success: Their invention development took much longer than anticipated, and during this time some key market drivers had changed!

(Specifically, the manufacturing cost of touch sensitive screens plummeted.  As a result, the invention’s ability to enable data input
without touch screen sensitivity was much less attractive.  Also, there was growing user acceptance of multi-tap input [helped by predictive text engines like T9] for both cell phones and PDA’s).

MY BUSINESS MODEL (Patent Licensing Program)

In this program, I do the marketing on behalf of the inventor.  Because my reward is mainly conditional on success, I share the risk of unsuccessful invention development (and patent grant).

These two cases illustrate how the program works - for both client and myself:

Darwin successfully completed their technical development, my marketing efforts on their behalf facilitated ANNUAL multi-million dollar royalties for them and success payments for me.

However, as
Co-operwrite were unable to complete their technical development, neither the company or myself received royalty revenue.

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acquisition approach by Microsoft

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Patent Licensing Program
is only suitable for internationally filed patent applications,
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