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There are two fee components: A Monthly Fee and a Success Fee.

Please Note: This program is designed for PCT patent application holders (normally companies), whose business model is global licensing, and whose IP can realistically generate royalties of at least $0.5 million per year.


“annual multi-million dollar ... royalties

“acquisition approach by Microsoft”

The main cost to you (the success fee) is back-loaded, and only paid when you actually receive revenue from the licensees I bring onboard - freeing your budget for prototype development and international patent filings.

£1300 (UK) or approx $2000 US Dollars
(+disbursements, and vat for EU countries)

15% of subsequent gross revenues (royalties and/or IPR sale revenue) you receive as a result of this program.  If I do not facilitate revenue for you, there is no success fee.

* These fees are indicative, and may change a bit according to the
                        perceived challenges of the project.


Contact Me

To discuss the suitability of your invention for this Program, and how I may be able to produce annual $multi-million royalties for you ... please call me on

From UK  020 8202 9177
From outside UK  +44 20 8202 9177

OR contact me using my contact form

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within the UK
020 8202 9177
from outside the UK
+44 20 8202 9177

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annual multi-million dollar ... royalties

acquisition approach by Microsoft

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