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My patent licensing service is designed for technology startup companies and/or individual inventors with either internationally granted patents or international pending patent applications (most likely PCT in both cases).  It is part monthly-fee based, and part reward-on-success based.

Put simply: I market your patents to potential licensees (or IPR acquirers) for you, and in so doing become the pro-active patent licensing and marketing arm for your innovation.

As well as linking my reward to licensing success, the other key element of this patent licensing service is my willingness to consider marketing patent pending applications (not only granted patents) as long as they meet my other criteria for inclusion.

This is how it works:

IF your granted patents or patent applications underpin a reasoned, clear and global licensing opportunity ... I evaluate the technical feasibility of your innovation, your working prototype, and of course the global commercial potential of your patented technology.

IF we then both want to move forward, you pay a monthly fee while the marketing goes on, but most of my financial reward is postponed, and only becomes payable if my patent licensing service generates real patent royalties for you.

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