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Part fee, part payment-on-success global patent licensing service designed to produce maximum royalties for inventors.

This service is most suited to companies and private inventors with international patent applications.  You pay a monthly fee, and if I succeed in licensing your patents and getting patent royalties for you, I get a reward payment as a % of what you get: I am totally transparent.  My fees are on this site.

In essence, I act as your patent licensing company and marketing arm for A LOT less than the cost of a similarly highly skilled professional agent, because most of my fee is conditional on success.

This is how it works:


IF your new invention (or invention-under-development) has clear competitive advantage and strong patent applications underpinning substantial global potential ... I will evaluate the opportunity to market and license your patent(s) for you.


As your patent licensing company, IF I take your invention on, much of my financial  reward is CONDITIONAL on you receiving actual income streams from the licensee companies I engage with on your behalf.

If my patent licensing service does not generate income streams for you (which is highly unlikely, because I am VERY picky in selecting what I take on) ... there is no success payment to me.

Licensing patents in this way enables you to keep your budget for technical development and patent drafting and filing fees, yet STILL gets your licensees primed and ready-to-sign ... as soon as As You Are.


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