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To get one-to-one help negotiating YOUR invention royalties agreement, or indeed any other aspect of your invention sales & marketing, please visit my one-to-one coaching page

Patent Royalty License Agreements

How to negotiate a robust
invention royalty license contract

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Invention royalties (sometimes called patent royalties) are at the heart of any patent licensing agreement.

Although the % RATES for invention royalties are considered BOTH on my patent royalties page and in
a lot more detail in my FREE eReport (please use the signup form on the right to get it) .. this article looks at what ELSE should go into a good patent royalty agreement.

Negotiating Patent Royalty Agreements

As well as the actual rate of your invention royalties, your license agreement should cover many other issues, including:

Use a patent lawyer or agent

While the above is by no means exhaustive, it does clearly show that as well as negotiating the actual rate of your royalties, a good and robust invention royalties agreement must also clarify and define a host of other important considerations.

In my view therefore, it is
essential to use the services of a professional patent lawyer or patent agent skilled in specifically this type of contracts law.  Yes, they can be very expensive, so you may choose to use them only at the end of your negotiations, just before you sign ... but DO use them at least then.

Would you like customised help for YOUR invention?

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