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Is your invention suitable?
For this program, I look for inventions with a realistic potential to generate inventor royalties in the region of $1 million per year.

While I consider all kinds of inventions, both high and low tech - the Program is particularly suitable for industrial PCT
invention patents with the potential to license to global companies with established route-to-market channels (
see this client case).

Marketing to these kinds of companies is
a special skill: Such companies are not only notoriously hard to get into at senior decision-making level, but can also require careful pre-sales championing of your invention to their internal divisions simultaneously (R&D, product design, marketing, legal etc).
This is my special skill.
Suitable inventions for this Program are likely to have:


Please Note: Because most of my reward is conditional-on-success, I perform extensive technical and commercial due diligence BEFORE I take an invention on.


One-to-one Telephone Coaching
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Please Note
While this Program is only suitable for selected inventors,
my one-to-one
Telephone Coaching Service
is suitable for
ALL inventors!

Client Testimonials

annual multi-million dollar ... royalties

acquisition approach by Microsoft

within the UK
020 8202 9177
from outside the UK
+44 20 8202 9177

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